Lysander House, Tempsford Hall, Cambridgeshire.


Project Description

The headquarters of the development companies within Kier Group have for some time been located within the attractive surroundings of Tempsford Hall, Cambridgeshire.

In response to an increasing requirement for more space Studio owners Martyn Kemp and John Muir have created this Grade A office building within the grounds of Tempsford Hall estate as the new headquarters building for Kier and Twigden Homes.

The contemporary design has resulted in a much-admired modern building that also respects the vernacular style of Tempsford Hall itself. Its steel framed structure includes a saddle roof clad with a mill finish aluminium standing seam roof that matches the main roof shape of the original Tempsford Hall buildings. The walls are clad in red brick and have a high insulation value

The 2000 sq m office building has been built with modern methods of construction that maximize the use of off-site factory-produced components and it incorporates a variety of low energy strategies and renewable energy systems that include passive solar cooling and the use of photo-voltaic cells designed to meet BREEAM sustainable standards

Project Details

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