New Ambulatory Care Ward at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

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Construction work on the new Ambulatory Care Ward at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital has been completed and the ward opened this week. Working to create a new ward in an existing functioning hospital has been challenging. We worked closely with cost consultant KMB and I am delighted to  be able to report that the ward is now functioning efficiently and effectively.

I would like to thank the hospital’s Estates Department and Clinical teams who envisioned and enabled this project and contractor ENSIGNA who, not for the first time, undertook a significant construction project working within a functioning hospital. Last but certainly not least my thanks go to Cristina our project architect who went well beyond the call of duty to make sure the project ran smoothly.

Published here are a few preliminary photographs and I hope to be able to add more over the next few weeks.

The ambulatory emergency care (AEC) service offers high quality same-day care. The Hospital Trust aims to ensure that nobody stays in hospital overnight if they are able to go home safely. The facility must enable patients to be  assessed, diagnosed and treated as an outpatient. The care a patient requires is started quickly with easy, swift access to specialist clinicians and a range of diagnostic tests.

Five components are available for patients

  • Medical Acute Assessment Clinic: A one-stop service designed to help prevent admission to hospital
  • Ambulatory Care Treatment Service: This will provide antibiotics, can diagnose for suspected DVT and support patients with shortness of breath or stable heart failure
  • Older Adults Service: A rapid access clinic is especially for older people and provides specialist consultant assessment for adults over 65, including frail patients with complex conditions
  • Virtual Ward: Team care for patients who have been discharged from the Acute Assessment Unit and who require urgent investigation or ongoing support; they do not see patients in person but their results are followed up and acted on by the ambulatory care team
  • GP Advice Service: The ward’s acute medical consultants provide advice to local GPs via email and over the telephone to help patients stay he  althy and out of hospital, and to support direct GP referrals into Ambulatory Care Services

The team work closely with other departments in the hospital including the state-of-the-art Clinical Imaging Department to ensure that patients are diagnosed and treated promptly.

The team is multidisciplinary comprising staff from a variety of different backgrounds, including medical consultants, registrars, junior clinical fellows, nurses, administrative staff and a pharmacist. It includes an advanced clinical practitioner who oversees the service on a daily basis.

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