Spanish New Town, Valle De Cerrato, Spain.


Project Description

Undertaken for Consorcio Público Urb: Dip Provincial, Junta Castilla y León, Ayto Venta de Baños, Gestur Palencia and European Land Ltd, the Valle de Cerrato project entailed the masterplan proposals, supporting studies and outline planning application for a new town with a projected population of 40,000.

Working with the developer and regional government, a masterplan and planning guidelines were prepared for the development of six small villages.

The area adjoins the River Duero in Castile & Leon, Europe’s largest autonomous province near Palencia and the land between them.

The design and planning work took eight months, during which John Muir led a consultancy team which included demographers and urban economists as well as urban designers and planners. Original demographic studies and research into user demand were carried out in Spain, with the plan proposals being prepared in London.

Working with Estudio de Urbanismo y Architectura of Madrid construction has proceeded on the first 120-hectare Industrial Polygon catering for agro-industry companies and for the nearby Renault factory.

The proposed town occupies 3,200 hectares and incorporates a range of comprehensive employment generating uses.

Project Details

Tags    Regeneration, Urban Design and Masterplanning
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