St Piers School.

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To give a sense of the unique place that St Piers is I set out below the words of fundraiser Luke Cameron

“Driving up the narrow lane in Lingfield to Young Epilepsy I was slightly shocked to see an expansive village stretching out before me. Never had I ever fathomed that I would be turning up to one of the UK’s most prestigious and state of the art campus’s, equipped with a medical centre, school and college all for young people affected by epilepsy. In honesty I thought they would be a team of enthusiastic people in a small national office, situated just outside of London campaigning for rights and running a help line; all of which they do, but only a very small part of their services.

I am very rarely lost for words, but pulling into the medical centre on Monday, I had wholly underestimated the size, impact and indeed importance of Young Epilepsy. With over 900 staff and almost 300 young people on site, the charity is far from small.

There is more goodness pouring out of that small idyllic village than everywhere else I have ever visited.”

Set in a rural campus in Surrey, St Piers originally opened in 2001 and supports students with epilepsy, autism and other associated conditions, learning and behavioural difficulties.

Will Caradoc-Hodgkins is architect to the school that is located on a 65 acre campus and has a programme of maintenance, refurbishment and new build. The first of these projects comprises improvements to the Neville building that include comprehensive replacement of its complex healthcare and M and E installations.

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