Twickenham Riverside.

Project Description

Queen’s Square extends from a point approximately half way up Water Lane to the Embankment and is set approximately 1.5 meters above the Embankment to lift it out of the flood plain. It comprises a town square with open aspect to the river side and presents an iconic single storey fully glazed prism to the lower part of Water Lane.

This intervention is a landmark and will not only be sufficient to create an urban edge to Water Lane but will also be transparent enough to maximise open views to the Embankment. The glass prism comprises the upper level of an atrium that accesses function and meeting rooms below the square.

Within Queen’s Square, located on its western side is a restaurant building enjoying wonderful views of the river and encouraging alfresco dining in thesquare and we have located an amphitheatre on the corner of Water Lane and the Embankment.

Above the restaurants are two floors of affordable residential apartments and at the edge of the site with Diamond Jubilee Gardens is located the Council reception services unit.

The Queen’s Square facilities include a 125 seat performance space with access to power, water-play features, interactive public art structures, public toilets and open space. The back of the amphitheatre’s screen wall will be a history wall displaying images of Twickenham past. Visitors can direct their smart phones at the images displayed for more information. With its prime location, infrastructure and surrounds, the Town Square provides an exciting opportunity for community interaction and participation.

The Town Square facilities are available for use on a casual basis or for community events by Not for Profit Community Groups (also including schools, fundraising groups, sporting groups) and Commercial groups.

Queen’s Square accommodates the following uses:
Restaurants, Function Room and kitchens – 992 m2 (10,678 ft2)
Residential (above restaurants) – 946 m2 (10,183 ft2)
Amphitheatre – 125 audience seating
Public Toilets – 90 m2 (968 ft2)
Council Reception – 180 m2 (1937 ft2)
Market Storage – 129 m2 (1388 ft2)
Cycle Stores
Refuse Stores
Sub-station (retained)

Project Details

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