Twickenham Riverside.

Masterplan proposals

Project Description

Designed by Studio Director John Muir this project would:

  • Open the riverside to the town.
  • Improve access to Diamond Jubilee Gardens.
  • Revitalise and improve the town’s retail economy.
  • Create local jobs.
  • Attract visitors.

The boathouse style architecture on Eel Pie Island is reflected in the style of buildings fronting the Embankment.

The architecture of the historic markets in Venice is reflected in the style of the Market Hall fronting King Street.

Markets revitalise and improve a town’s retail economy, create local jobs and attract visitors.

This project is economically viable.

Important criteria:

  • All ground floor activity is in the public domain. It will comprise the market, cafés, restaurants, extensive public open space.
  • There are community meeting facilities in the area below Queens Square.
  • All car parking options currently being discussed elsewhere remain possible.
  • Access and servicing facilities for Eel Pie Island are safeguarded.


We propose:

  • Two linked town squares.
  • A wider Water Lane.
  • A larger Diamond Jubilee Gardens.
  • Improved connections to the Gardens.

Project Details

Tags    Offices, Regeneration, Retail
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