RIBA Client Advisers


RIBA client advisers have become an established part of the UK’s consultant landscape in the eleven years since the register was first launched, providing clients with early-stage commissioning expertise in all sectors, from education, healthcare and heritage to nationally-important infrastructure projects such as HS2.

An RIBA client adviser is usually an architect (but not necessarily) sitting on the client’s side of a project, independent of the supply team, helping to manage the design process from its earliest stages.

It is generally accepted that the earlier the adviser’s appointment, the more valuable the service, with advisers helping clients to define their own needs and aspirations even before the project brief takes shape.

Client advisers are selected by the RIBA for their all-round procurement expertise, design experience, business knowledge and track-record of delivering results in construction projects. There is an accreditation process and the RIBA evaluates and re-accredits all of its Client Advisers on an annual basis.

‘Being a client adviser is an opportunity to apply the skills of a tactician or strategist and bring design thinking to bear early on in a project. The client advisers input often influences the trajectory of the project so that good and exceptional design can be realistically aspired to as a norm,’ says Juliet Bidgood, who co-chairs the RIBA’s Client Advisers Steering Group.

‘The client adviser can expand or deepen their knowledge of a sector in this role and be able to work at a senior level – perhaps whilst juggling other responsibilities or projects. In the adviser role they have the ability to create opportunities for other architects, sometimes enlarging the creative scope and ambition of a project.’

RIBA Client Advisers guide clients through the process of commissioning buildings, helping them to maximise the value and quality of their projects.

The RIBA Client Adviser is an RIBA-accredited role which meets the need for independent advice among various client groups.

RIBA accredited Client Advisers are experienced professionals that can provide impartial and informed advice from the earliest stages of the client’s project. They can draw up a business case, prepare the project brief, help select the right practice, set up and lead the project team or manage the procurement on behalf of the client.

They help you address the big questions:

  • Do you have a strategy or masterplan in place for all your buildings and premises?
  • Have you weighed up the pros and cons of all the options – for example new-build, refurbishment or extension?
  • Do you know whether your chosen option will answer all your needs?
  • Are you confident of getting the best value at every step of the project?
  • How future-proof will the project be, and how sustainable?
  • Do you know the best procurement route to take?

A RIBA Client Adviser will enable you to maintain control over your project and achieve the desired outcomes.

If you feel that an RIBA Client Adviser might be able to help you with the project that you are contemplating please don’t hesitate to contact me.

John Muir

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